City of Venice

For a city of Venetians


Rules and Procedures
for the
City of Venice
Town Council

On May 23, 2008, the people of Venice assembled and created an organization called the City of Venice, which shall act on their behalf, and in cooperation with officials of the city and county of Los Angeles, the state of California, and the U.S. government, until such time as the actual city of Venice is legally reestablished.

These rules, as modified, shall govern the conduct of the organization. At subsequent meetings, these rules may be modified by a vote of the body, but the modifications will not go into effect until the following meeting.

  1. The City of Venice shall meet monthly as a town hall (council) at a place to be determined by its participants. The town hall, and its participants, shall at all times respect the equality and dignity of its participants. The rights of all residents of Venice shall include, but not be limited to, speaking, voting, and participating in the activities of the City of Venice.
  2. The monthly town council meeting shall designate a Chairperson/Faciliator, and a Secretary at each meeting. Said officials shall serve until the following month’s town council meeting and shall be ineligible to be reelected until three months have passed. The Chairperson/Faciliator shall act as principle spokesperson of the City of Venice between meetings. The Secretary shall disseminate the minutes of the meeting as broadly as possible. 
  3. The town council shall at the beginning of each meeting adopt an agenda for the meeting. Agenda items may be suggested by any meeting participant.
  4. The town council may establish committees, a website, a mailing address, letterhead and other structures and materials as it sees fit.
  5. The town council shall observe a quorum of at least 20 participants for its meeting. If a quorum does not exist, the body may meet, but shall not enact any proposed motions.

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