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Draft Minutes for May 23, 2008

At the May 23rd Venice Town Council meeting the majority of the people wanted to schedule the next meeting for Friday, June 6. Unfortunately the hall was already booked for that night.
The hall is booked for the next Venice Town Council for Friday, June 13 (which is the next available Friday) with the meal starting at 7 and the meeting starting at 7:30pm
The below is the draft minutes from the May 23 meeting. Please read and suggest any required corrections. I apologize that they were not sent to you sooner.

Venice Town Council             Draft 23-May-08 Minutes

Special thanks to Peter Demain for the dinnertime entertainment and Venice Food Not Bombs for the dinner.

Meeting Sign-In sheets reflected 39 attending Venice Community Members, but there were approximately 10 more attending that did not sign in.

Facilitator/Chair:  Peggy

Note Taker/Secretary:  June 

Initial Draft Motion to Form the Venice Town Council was presented by Jim Smith and was passed with friendly amendments using consensus.  Some main points:

            Formed a not for profit organization      

20 Venice residents constitutes a quorum for making decisions

Rules can be changed, but will take effect at following meeting

There will be monthly town hall-style meeting

Treating each other with dignity and respect

Chair/facilitator and secretary/note taker chosen at each meeting

Agenda will be adopted/decided at each meeting by vote

Any meeting participant can suggest agenda items

All attending Venice residents can vote.

There was concern on how the word “resident” was defined, because it has been previously used to discriminate against certain people. “Resident” was defined as someone who lives in Venice.

List of suggested items for agenda:

            Parking issues, including permits systems and signs

            Moratorium on unaffordable development

            Motor homes

            Opposing manor destruction (Venice Blvd near Abbot Kinney)

            Art Walls closing

            Police Relations

            Thievery in Rose parking lot

            Red curbs painted in Venice

            Trees that were cut down/murdered on Rose and Lincoln

            No on Proposition 98

Penmar seniors

Quimby Funds

Impeach Bush



Peggy gave update on OPDs and Oversize parking laws and issues

9 people signed up for sub-committee opposing permit parking in Venice

Barbara gave an update on the new Boardwalk ordinance and encouraged people to go down to witness enforcement

Stash gave update on Art Walls: permit system closing due to lack of funds, announced benefit art auction June 3 from 6-9pm being held at the G2 Gallery on Abbot Kinney

Stephen Fiske announced The Gathering 7:30 Sunday evenings at the Blankenship Ballet Company of Venice 132 Brooks Ave.

Motions Passed

1.       Opposing Proposition 98 and in favor of 99

2.       Opposing the destruction of the Venice Manor Apartments

3.       Sub-Committee Permit Parking in Venice: OPDs and Oversized Vehicles

a.       9 people volunteered to sub-committee opposing permit parking

Next meeting:

Majority of the people voted to meet again June 6, but the hall schedule was not available and that date had been taken when it was checked on Tuesday.

            Hall is reserved for VTC on June 13, which is the next available Friday in June

Suggested agenda items for June 13, 2008:

            Development – specifically issues of unaffordable developments

            The Boardwalk and Police Relations

           Overnight & Oversize Permit Parking in Venice

As the person signing the VTC up for Hall use, Peggy suggests that the VTC reserve the 2nd Friday of every month unless there is a reason to change that. 


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Results of May 23 Meeting

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