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Coastal Commission votes to hold hearing on Permit Parking


The Coastal Commission voted, Feb. 4, to hold a hearing on permit parking in June in Marina del Rey

Honor Roll of Venetians and others who have appealed to the Coastal Commission the City of L.A.’s scheme to impose permit parking on Venice:

Karl Abrams
Eden Andes
Jessica Aden
Melinda Ahrens
Brett Barth
Jim Bickhart
Cindy Chambers
Ronald Charbonneau
John Davis
Peter Douglas, Coastal Commission Executive Director
Debra Gavlak
Donald Geagan
Delilah Gill
Carol E. Green
David Gueriera
Ethel M. Gullette

Ayana D. Guy
Hope Hanafin
Neal D. Hasty
Terry L. Hendrickson
Peggy Lee Kennedy
Mark Lipman
Pamela London
Linda Lucks
Susan Millmann
Calvin E. Moss
Janine K. Pierce
Fortunato Procopio

Antoinette Reynolds
Jim Smith
Erica Snowlake
Venice Community Housing Corporation
Sabrina Venskus
Cilia Williams
Eva Jane Williams
Ross Wilson
Emily Winters
Janice Yudell
Rev. Thomas C. Ziegert


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Nov. 14 Meeting – Permit Parking

Venice Town Council

7pm Friday, Nov. 14

United Methodist Church Hall

2210 Lincoln Blvd. (enter from Victoria Ave)

Delicious Vegetarian Meal served at 6:30 pm.

Permit Parking in Venice?

103 appeals were filed against a plan to require all residents to buy permits for their vehicles, or be ticketed or towed from 2-6 a.m.

A hearing on the appeals will be held at 9:30 a.m., Nov. 17 at L.A. City Hall.

Come and learn about the issues, getting to the hearing, and what else you can do.

Phone: 365-0985

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Development, OPDs at Town Council, Oct. 10

Next Meeting: Friday, Oct. 10
at the United Methodist Church Auditorium, 2210 Lincoln Blvd.
Dinner served at 6:30PM – Food donation $5
Meeting starts at 7PM

Topics include:

  • Should we have a moratorium on development in Venice? Will a new lawsuit accomplish that? Lucille Saunders of the La Brea Coaltion, who filed the suit will be with us.
  • What is the status of the 100 appeals filed against overnight parking permits in Venice? Should the Town Council authorize a lawsuit, if necessary to stop this travesty?
  • (final agenda is up to the body)

Flyer for meeting

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Venice Town Council meets Friday, Sept. 12

Venice Town Council
Next Meeting: Friday, Sept. 12
at the United Methodist Church Auditorium, 
2210 Lincoln Blvd.
Dinner served at 6:30PM – Food donation $5
Meeting starts at 7PM
Topics include:
* Update on appeals of permit parking
* Resolution on withdrawal from Iraq & Afghanistan (Mark)
* Other pressing Venice issues  
(final agenda is up to the body)
At least 20 people are needed to conduct business.

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Venice Town Council July Minutes

Venice Town Council Report

By Karl Abrams (taking minutes)


On Friday, July 11, at 7:30 pm the Venice Town Council convened its third historic meeting at the United Methodist Church auditorium. Although all Venice residents are invited to participate in a round table format, there were only about 15 people in attendance. Since there were not enough persons needed for the quorum required to pass resolutions, the meeting became more of an open and lively semi-structured discussion to prepare for the next monthly meeting, which is held on the second Friday of each month.


The meeting centered around 9 agenda items:


1. We unanimously agreed that the time allotted for discussing future resolutions needs to be increased so that all persons present can better understand the meaning and purpose of each resolution.


2. One participant announced that he wants to organize a committee to look into the planning of an anti-war 9-11 event.


3. Another participant informed the council about a new French invention: the “Self-cleaning Bathroom”. We all agreed that such bathrooms are needed in various locations throughout Venice, especially on Lincoln Blvd.. They seem to be quite incredible. The self-locking, self-cleaning, self-satisfying devices (about 20 by 7 feet) are already in use throughout Europe. An amazing video demonstration of this pioneering contraption may be found on Google video or You Tube by searching “auto toilet” or at the URL


4. The topic of low income and affordable housing was brought up. We all agreed that property developers in Venice must be watched carefully and continually pressured to include affordable housing as part of all future housing development proposals within Venice.


Many town council participants felt having recycling bins on the boardwalk was too expensive and wondered where the money was coming from.


6. The letter against OPDs has not as yet been written. It will be part of next month’s agenda.


7. On participant expressed her frustration with the police knocking on her motor home at 2am. It was understandable to all how she felt threatened and harassed by this unfair practice.


8. All of us then discussed police tactics and agreed that there must be a way to stop this unfair harassment. Often times one cop will talk to you while the other snoops around your motor home with a flashlight. Such tactics always seem to occur at 2 or 3 in the morning. If the police think that you have an animal inside your RV, they can actually break into your vehicle.


9. The last item on the agenda was the boardwalk. Many participants in the Town Council felt that “factory” jewelry is destroying the artistic spirit of the boardwalk and that cops who don’t really care one way or the other were harassing the true artist-vendors of Venice.  

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June Town Council Meeting

The Town Council of the City of Venice met on June 13 with 39 Venetians in attendance. The Council elected Jim Smith, Chair/Facilitator and Peggy Lee Kennedy, Secretary, for the month. 

The first item on the agenda took up the most time. It was on the Overnight Parking District Plan by the city of L.A. which would require all Venetians to buy a permit to park on the streets overnight. The Town Council resolved to oppose the Plan and to collect signatures on petitions against it. A hearing is scheduled to begin at 6PM, June 26 at Westminster School Auditorium where testimony pro and con will be taken. Everyone is urged to attend.

A resolution was adopted to ask and demand that Whole Foods Market do the following:

  1. Hire disadvantaged youth and adults from Venice.
  2. Respect their right to representation on the job.
  3. Allow mobile Venetians to park in the lot when the store is not open.
  4. Instruct security guards not to take down license numbers and other information on RVs and turn it over to city officials.

The Town Council voted to endorse a town hall on homelessness to be held on July 9 at the United Methodist Church

The next meeting of the Town Council was set for 7:30PM, Friday, July 11 at the church auditorium, 2210 Lincoln Blvd.

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Attend the next meeting of the Venice Town Council

Next Meeting: June 13
at the United Methodist Church Auditorium, 2210 Lincoln Blvd.
Dinner served at 7PM – Donation $5, if you got it
Meeting starts at 7:30PM

Topics include:

  • Overnight Parking Districts
  • Ocean Front Walk Ordinance
  • Development Issues, including Whole Foods Market (see resolution, below)

(final agenda is up to the body)


Resolution on Whole Foods Market
Whereas, Whole Foods Market is moving into our community at Rose Avenue and Lincoln Blvd. and will make a large profit from Venice customers,
And Whereas, Whole Foods will be competing with other supermarkets in Venice and the surrounding community that have unionized workforces.
And Whereas, many stores and shopping centers including WalMarts, KMarts and others allow RV camping,   

Therefore, Be It Resolved:

1. That Whole Foods give priority to hiring disadvantaged youths and adults from the Venice community.

2. That Whole Foods respect the rights of its employees to form a union and bargain collectively without interference from the employer.

3. That Whole Foods allow RVs and other mobile Venetians to use its parking lot when the store is not open.

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Draft Minutes for May 23, 2008

At the May 23rd Venice Town Council meeting the majority of the people wanted to schedule the next meeting for Friday, June 6. Unfortunately the hall was already booked for that night.
The hall is booked for the next Venice Town Council for Friday, June 13 (which is the next available Friday) with the meal starting at 7 and the meeting starting at 7:30pm
The below is the draft minutes from the May 23 meeting. Please read and suggest any required corrections. I apologize that they were not sent to you sooner.

Venice Town Council             Draft 23-May-08 Minutes

Special thanks to Peter Demain for the dinnertime entertainment and Venice Food Not Bombs for the dinner.

Meeting Sign-In sheets reflected 39 attending Venice Community Members, but there were approximately 10 more attending that did not sign in.

Facilitator/Chair:  Peggy

Note Taker/Secretary:  June 

Initial Draft Motion to Form the Venice Town Council was presented by Jim Smith and was passed with friendly amendments using consensus.  Some main points:

            Formed a not for profit organization      

20 Venice residents constitutes a quorum for making decisions

Rules can be changed, but will take effect at following meeting

There will be monthly town hall-style meeting

Treating each other with dignity and respect

Chair/facilitator and secretary/note taker chosen at each meeting

Agenda will be adopted/decided at each meeting by vote

Any meeting participant can suggest agenda items

All attending Venice residents can vote.

There was concern on how the word “resident” was defined, because it has been previously used to discriminate against certain people. “Resident” was defined as someone who lives in Venice.

List of suggested items for agenda:

            Parking issues, including permits systems and signs

            Moratorium on unaffordable development

            Motor homes

            Opposing manor destruction (Venice Blvd near Abbot Kinney)

            Art Walls closing

            Police Relations

            Thievery in Rose parking lot

            Red curbs painted in Venice

            Trees that were cut down/murdered on Rose and Lincoln

            No on Proposition 98

Penmar seniors

Quimby Funds

Impeach Bush



Peggy gave update on OPDs and Oversize parking laws and issues

9 people signed up for sub-committee opposing permit parking in Venice

Barbara gave an update on the new Boardwalk ordinance and encouraged people to go down to witness enforcement

Stash gave update on Art Walls: permit system closing due to lack of funds, announced benefit art auction June 3 from 6-9pm being held at the G2 Gallery on Abbot Kinney

Stephen Fiske announced The Gathering 7:30 Sunday evenings at the Blankenship Ballet Company of Venice 132 Brooks Ave.

Motions Passed

1.       Opposing Proposition 98 and in favor of 99

2.       Opposing the destruction of the Venice Manor Apartments

3.       Sub-Committee Permit Parking in Venice: OPDs and Oversized Vehicles

a.       9 people volunteered to sub-committee opposing permit parking

Next meeting:

Majority of the people voted to meet again June 6, but the hall schedule was not available and that date had been taken when it was checked on Tuesday.

            Hall is reserved for VTC on June 13, which is the next available Friday in June

Suggested agenda items for June 13, 2008:

            Development – specifically issues of unaffordable developments

            The Boardwalk and Police Relations

           Overnight & Oversize Permit Parking in Venice

As the person signing the VTC up for Hall use, Peggy suggests that the VTC reserve the 2nd Friday of every month unless there is a reason to change that. 

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Results of May 23 Meeting

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