City of Venice

For a city of Venetians


From the Rules and Procedures:

2. The monthly town council meeting shall designate a Chairperson/Faciliator, and a Secretary at each meeting. Said officials shall serve until the following month’s town council meeting and shall be ineligible to be reelected until three months have passed. The Chairperson/Faciliator shall act as principle spokesperson of the City of Venice between meetings. The Secretary shall disseminate the minutes of the meeting as broadly as possible.

July 2010
Jim Smith, Chair/Facilitator
Deidre, Secretary

September 2008 (Committee of the whole)
Round Table Discussion (no officers)

August 2008 (Committee of the whole)
_________, Chair/Facilitator
Mark Lipman, Secretary

July 2008 (Committee of the whole):
Calvin Moss, Chair/Facilitator
Karl Abrams, Secretary

June 2008:
Jim Smith, Chair/Facilitator
Peggy Lee Kennedy, Secretary

May 2008:
Peggy Lee Kennedy, Chair/Facilitator
June Siu, Secretary

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