City of Venice

For a city of Venetians

Venice Cityhood Meeting

The Venice Cityhood Committee meets:

7-9 pm Friday, October 22
at 533 Rialto Avenue
(one block west of Abbot Kinney Blvd.)

Why Cityhood?

  • Decisions should be made at the local level (Venice)
  • L.A. wants to gut its zoning code, say L.A. Neighbors United –
  • L.A. dictates rent increases in spite of zero inflation (cpi) –
  • Venice libraries, parks, beach, streets and social services suffer with no end in sight due to L.A.’s budget crisis.

Who would benefit?

  • Venice residents, 70% of whom are renters.
  • Venice businesses who would see their fees stay in the community.
  • Venice home owners who would likewise see their property taxes put to use in their community.
  • Venice artists who would have a city government friendly to the arts.
  • Venice social service organizations who would no longer have to compete with agencies all over L.A. for needed funding.

How do we get started?

  • Join us on Oct. 22 and subsequent committee meetings.
  • Lend your expertise in research, law, accounting, communications, graphic design and outreach. No skills will be turned away.
  • Tell your friends why we need cityhood. Get them involved!

Venice becoming the city imagined
A city like no other city on earth
–Philomene Long

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