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Actions of the July 1, 2010 Venice Town Council

At the VTC meeting of July 1, 2010 at the United Methodist Church Auditorium, the following took place:

1. OPDs – The body celebrated the Coastal Commission decision denying permit parking in Venice. The VTC had been a strong opponent of OPDs.

2. Modification to the Town Council Rules: The body voted to modify the Rules to elect co-chairs/facilators and a secretary annually, as follows: The Town Council shall elect two co-chairs/faciliators and a secretary at it November meeting each year. Those elected will hold office in the following year. If this modification of the Rules goes into effect prior to the November meeting, the Town Council shall elect two co-chairs/faciliators and a secretary to hold office until the following year.

3. Co-sponsor the meeting on Venice Cityhood at the old Town Hall, July 25. Approved.
4. Endorse a memorial at Venice & Lincoln to the Japanese who were sent to concentration camps from there during WW2. Also send a letter. Approved.
5. File an Amicus brief in support of Fabiola Wright’s suit against oversized buildings that block views. Approved. SeeĀ
Note: The Amicus brief has since been accepted by the court.

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