City of Venice

For a city of Venetians

Venice Town Council bravely meets on Friday the 13th

The Venice Town Council meets
7pm, Friday the 13th

at the Methodist Church Auditorium
2210 Lincoln Blvd.

(A delicious vegetarian meal will be available at 6:30pm for a suggested donation of $5)

Suggested Agenda Items:

  1. Election of a Chair/facilitator and Secretary/recorder.
  2. What should be done with the Venice PO annex? The U.S. Post Office has announced that they are going to be asking for bids for the property at the Circle to Rivera. If we can keep it public, it could be used for homeless services, parking, etc.
  3. All things OPD. Now is the time to get involved if you don’t want permit parking on your doorstep.
  4. March 3 city election – consideration of endorsements and non-endorsements. Candidates for all city offices, community college trustees and Board of Education are running. What have they done for Venice, and what should we do for them?
  5. Update on pending lawsuits over the police invasion of Oakwood last Feb. 19. It was one year ago that police went on a rampage in Oakwood, knocking down doors and terrorizing senior citizens. People are standing up against this injustice. What can we do to help?
The Venice Town Council is a community-based organization open to all residents on an equal basis. Everyone can speak, and everyone can vote. A quorum of 20 people is necessary to conduct business, take positions and institute action. Please come and participate in this meeting. 

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