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Coastal Commission votes to hold hearing on Permit Parking


The Coastal Commission voted, Feb. 4, to hold a hearing on permit parking in June in Marina del Rey

Honor Roll of Venetians and others who have appealed to the Coastal Commission the City of L.A.’s scheme to impose permit parking on Venice:

Karl Abrams
Eden Andes
Jessica Aden
Melinda Ahrens
Brett Barth
Jim Bickhart
Cindy Chambers
Ronald Charbonneau
John Davis
Peter Douglas, Coastal Commission Executive Director
Debra Gavlak
Donald Geagan
Delilah Gill
Carol E. Green
David Gueriera
Ethel M. Gullette

Ayana D. Guy
Hope Hanafin
Neal D. Hasty
Terry L. Hendrickson
Peggy Lee Kennedy
Mark Lipman
Pamela London
Linda Lucks
Susan Millmann
Calvin E. Moss
Janine K. Pierce
Fortunato Procopio

Antoinette Reynolds
Jim Smith
Erica Snowlake
Venice Community Housing Corporation
Sabrina Venskus
Cilia Williams
Eva Jane Williams
Ross Wilson
Emily Winters
Janice Yudell
Rev. Thomas C. Ziegert

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