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Venice Town Council July Minutes

Venice Town Council Report

By Karl Abrams (taking minutes)


On Friday, July 11, at 7:30 pm the Venice Town Council convened its third historic meeting at the United Methodist Church auditorium. Although all Venice residents are invited to participate in a round table format, there were only about 15 people in attendance. Since there were not enough persons needed for the quorum required to pass resolutions, the meeting became more of an open and lively semi-structured discussion to prepare for the next monthly meeting, which is held on the second Friday of each month.


The meeting centered around 9 agenda items:


1. We unanimously agreed that the time allotted for discussing future resolutions needs to be increased so that all persons present can better understand the meaning and purpose of each resolution.


2. One participant announced that he wants to organize a committee to look into the planning of an anti-war 9-11 event.


3. Another participant informed the council about a new French invention: the “Self-cleaning Bathroom”. We all agreed that such bathrooms are needed in various locations throughout Venice, especially on Lincoln Blvd.. They seem to be quite incredible. The self-locking, self-cleaning, self-satisfying devices (about 20 by 7 feet) are already in use throughout Europe. An amazing video demonstration of this pioneering contraption may be found on Google video or You Tube by searching “auto toilet” or at the URL


4. The topic of low income and affordable housing was brought up. We all agreed that property developers in Venice must be watched carefully and continually pressured to include affordable housing as part of all future housing development proposals within Venice.


Many town council participants felt having recycling bins on the boardwalk was too expensive and wondered where the money was coming from.


6. The letter against OPDs has not as yet been written. It will be part of next month’s agenda.


7. On participant expressed her frustration with the police knocking on her motor home at 2am. It was understandable to all how she felt threatened and harassed by this unfair practice.


8. All of us then discussed police tactics and agreed that there must be a way to stop this unfair harassment. Often times one cop will talk to you while the other snoops around your motor home with a flashlight. Such tactics always seem to occur at 2 or 3 in the morning. If the police think that you have an animal inside your RV, they can actually break into your vehicle.


9. The last item on the agenda was the boardwalk. Many participants in the Town Council felt that “factory” jewelry is destroying the artistic spirit of the boardwalk and that cops who don’t really care one way or the other were harassing the true artist-vendors of Venice.  

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